Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We expect you can find the answer to your query below, but if not feel free to contact us here.

  1. One fixed price? Whats the catch?

    There isn't one. We've worked hard to provide high quality garments, excellent print and great delivery times for an affordable price. We want you to be able to design whatever you like - whether it's a pink elephant riding a yellow unicycle or 'World's Best Dad' - and know exactly how much you'll pay before you start designing.

    • One Sided T-Shirt: £14
    • Two Sided T-Shirt: £17
    • One Sided Hoodie: £22
    • Two Sided Hoodie: £25

    These price include delivery and all taxes due. No hidden costs. No catch.

  2. What about delivery?

    Delivery is included in the price so there isn't a nasty shock when you get to the checkout. Our delivery time is between usually 3-5 days and we ship via Royal Mail.

  3. What is your returns policy?

    If there is a problem with the garments or print then send us an email explaining the nature of the problem. We will then review your complaint and compare it to your order. If we have made a mistake then we will send you a new rectified garment free of charge or fully refund you. We ask that you carefully check the position, size and colour of your design and size of your garment in the order confirmation email as we will print exactly what you give us, as it is in the link provided in the email. Due to the bespoke nature of our products we are unable to replace or refund you if you are unhappy with the final result.

  4. You don't have the type of garment I'm looking for, can you order in?

    Get in touch via the contact form and we'll do our best to source what you're looking for. We'll soon be expanding our options, so it'll be great to hear what our customers want.

  5. What do the stars by my picture mean/How does the image star rating work?

    As with all types of print, the image supplied makes all the difference in the final quality of the print. When you upload an image it's given a star rating that is displayed on it's thumbnail in the garment designer menu. The higher the rating of the image, the better it will look when printed.

  6. Bulk Order Discounts

    We don't currently offer bulk order discounts. However, if you think your order is large enough to get a reduced price then get in touch and we may offer you a discount code.

  7. How long will it take my order to get to me?

    3-5 working days. Please contact us if you have an urgent requirement, as we may be able to meet your deadline.

  8. Do I have to pay for postage?

    Definitely not. It's absorbed in the price you pay for printing. The price you see is the total price you pay.

  9. What happens if there is a problem with my order?

    We're confident there won't be but we understand that mistakes happen from time to time. Just send an email to or use the contact form here.

  10. I can't use the designer. Help!

    If you scroll down on the designer page you'll find a load of tips on using all of the designers features. If you're still stuck then get in touch and we'll do what we can to help.

  11. What size am I?

    We ask that you check our size charts to ensure the fit of the garments before ordering. If you're still unsure we offer to send a blank garment of a requested size for £7 for you to check the fit. If you return the garment unused then we'll refund you the £7. We don't offer returns for garments that don't fit.

  12. Can I change/cancel an order?

    As soon as you check out you will be sent an email with links to previews of your garments. You have a maximum of 24 hours from the moment you check out to check through the details of your order and previews and get back to us if you'd like to cancel or amend your order. Cancellations are accepted up to 14 days after checkout on blank garments.

  13. Is there a minimum order?

    Nope. Order as much or as little as you like.

  14. What happens if my order doesn't get delivered/is damaged?

    Get in touch and we'll do our best to trace your order, or replace it if needed. Obviously we won't replace garments that have been damaged by you. We photograph and thoroughly check all orders before they're posted.

  15. Payment Process/Accepted methods of payment

    We currently use PayPal merchant services for payment on all orders. If you're looking to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal then you can do so with the PayPal checkout.

  16. Do you deliver outside of the UK?

    We do not currently ship outside the UK

  17. How will my garment be printed/What type of printing do you offer?

    All of our printing is done using state of the art equipment, via a method known as DTG (Direct To Garment). It's this process that allows us to provide great looking prints that don't peel, at a flat rate regardless of design.

  18. Reasons an image might be rejected

    We check all of our orders for images that we are not able to print. If you've uploaded an image that you do not own the copyright for, nor have consent from the rightful owner to print, then it will be rejected. If the image quality is so low, that we think it'll result in a poor looking print then we'll get in touch.

  19. How will I know how high the quality of my image is?

    Once an image is uploaded, you'll notice it'll have a 1-5 stars on it in the left side "upload image" panel. The more stars the higher the quality of the print it will provide. We would recommend using a vector file format when uploading images to the designer. However, you won't necessarily NEED a five star image to get a decent quality print. We use a 3 star image for most of our promo tees.

  20. What can I do to improve my image quality?

    Hiring a Graphic Designer and asking to have your artwork vectorised is the best way of improving your image quality. There are online tools available that may be able to help but we'd always recommend leaving it to the pros. If you can't find anyone, then we do have a few Graphic Designers on the team that would be happy to help. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

  21. I've not received my order confirmation email, where is it?

    99% of the time the answer is that it's in your Junk folder as it's been filtered by your spam settings. Mark the message as safe and you email client will allow you to open it and check the order details. It should also prevent our emails from being filtered again. If you can't find the confirmation email in the Junk folder then get in touch and we'll confirm your order details with you.