Welcome to The Tee Club.

Ethical garments. Unlimited colours. No hidden charges. That'll never change.

The Club

The Tee Club is an idea. No subscription forms here. It was made for people like us, who want to cut the nonsense and simply create a customised tee.

The Tee Club is for people who want one fixed, honest price no matter what the design.

The Tee Club is for people who believe that things can be affordable AND ethical, without the use of slave labour.

The Tee Club is for people who want a simple, straightforward design process.

The Tee Club is for people who don't want to be bombarded with options, just a tee that does the trick.

Believe life should be this simple? Welcome to The Club.

More About the Club

Example Shirts

Can't think of a design? Start off with one of our preset designs and customise it to your needs.

Create the perfect gift by personalising a tee with a unique message. Make the most of a special event by creating a tee that'll never let you forget. Whether it's a birthday, a party, a holiday or just a boring Monday - there's a tee for every occasion!

Start Designing

The Tees

When The Tee Club was created, we wanted to ensure we offered as many options as possible whilst keeping the design process simple. Our goal was to provide high quality, unlimited colour design on ethically made garments.

We limited the choices to The Tee, The Hoodie or The Sweater. We don't offer you three grades of tee, we just offer you the best. We provide durable, great looking garments that fit well. We don't overload you options, we simply provide what you need.

We've chosen the best for purpose garments and "Direct To Garment" print. This allows us to provide you with great quality tees at an unbeatable price.

Our top priority when creating tees is that they are ethically sourced - We promise to provide high quality, affordable, WRAP certified garments, without the use of slave labour.

What Happens Once I Checkout?

Once you're happy with your design, simply add it to your basket and have it delivered straight to your door, at no extra cost. But what happens once you checkout?

Once you've designed and ordered your customised garment, you can sit back and relax whilst we get to work. When you checkout, the order will be sent straight to us and we'll send you an email confirmation with the design details. If for any reason you need to cancel your order, you can do so within 24 hours, as we don't waste any time getting our garments made and delivered!

All of our printing is done using a technique called Direct To Garment. DTG is what allows us to ensure you one fixed price, as it avoids paying per colour/image etc. Whilst keeping costs down, it offers great, vibrant prints which are durable and high quality. The garment is printed exactly as you designed it, so just hold tight - we'll get it to you ASAP!